Will you survive the Snowpocalypse?

Test your skills and share your results for charity. Happy Holidays from BKV!

In Atlanta, nobody drives traffic like BKV – except maybe Atlanta in a freak snowstorm. Try your hand at surviving the Snowpocalypse for some seriously seasonal fun. Once you're done, share your results, and BKV will make a donation to one of four organizations. Happy Holidays!


It’s Atlanta and exactly four snowflakes have started the worst traffic snarl in recent history: it’s Snowpocalypse 2014 all over again! Answer 10 questions to see if you survive. Then share your results to help donations stack up like cars on I-285. Season’s Greetings – and good luck!

  1. Take the quiz
  2. Share your results to trigger our donation
  3. Repeat
1. SNOMG! Exactly four snowflakes float past your window. You’re at work. Do you:
2. Your company decided to release you from prison work. On your way out, you grab what three things?
3. Your coworkers can’t decide whether to drive or stay. But you’re from Chicago. Pish. A little snow isn’t going to stop you. How far do you make it before realizing your mistake?
4. You’ve been sitting for hours. You’re getting pretty thirsty. Do you:
5. Nature calls. And calls and calls, until you can’t even hear the traffic update over the pain in your bladder. Do you:
6. As you sit in your car, your preferred method of getting Snowpocalypse updates is:
7. After eleven hours, you bail on I-285 traffic and walk. You’re freezing because shorts = winter wear in Atlanta. You spot a burning car. Do you:
8. After sitting on the downtown connector for a lifetime, you’ve finally neared home – but your road is closed due to “black ice”. Do you:
9. The gas light comes on. Do you:
10. You're a true-blue Atlanta native, so as you fishtail the last mile home, you can't resist stopping at Murder/Disco Kroger for "supplies". So you stock up on the 3 "B's":